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This is my boring predictable travel schedule every day of the week for who know how long.

First of all I have to wake up and (try) and get ready in time:

  • Alarm goes off (6.12)
  • Breakfast and coffee (6.15)
  • Shower and brush my teeth (6.29)
  • Comb my hair (6.56)
  • Leave on my bike (6.58)

Then I travel in the train from Gouda to Amsterdam:

  • Gouda (7.13)
  • Gouda Goverwelle (7.16)
  • Woerden (7.26)
  • Breukelen (7.36)
  • Abcoude (7.49)
  • Amsterdam Bijlmer (7.54)
  • Duivendrecht (7.57)
  • Amsterdam Amstel (8.01)
  • Amsterdam Muiderpoort (8.04)
  • Amsterdam (8.10)

Then I dash out the front entrance and dive into the nearest tram, either line 1,2 or 5:

  • Amsterdam Centraal (get in)
  • Martelaarsgracht
  • Nieuwezijds Kolk
  • Dam
  • Spui
  • Koningsplein (get out)

I finally get to work around 8.20 or thereabouts.

Total time from the moment I wake up to the second I walk in to my work is: two hours and eight minutes.

The way back is everything in reverse, starting at 16.59 to 18.20 which is one hour and twenty-one minutes. Total travelling time per day is therefore: two hours and forty-two minutes.

Kind of boring, isn't it?

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