A teasing wink

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Notwithstanding what could possibly go wrong at the last moment, just forgetting the time and the fact that departure is pretty much always right on time, it was a bit of a surprise to me when it actually happened. Never had that happened to me before.

I had scoped out a suitable carriage way back at the end. As I slowly but surely approached that self-imposed destination, the whistle blew. Pretty much right on time, as I glanced up at the clock and watched the red second hand click the last notch straight upwards. The second hand seemed to pause just for an instant, but that was a comical illusion. The passing of time just teasing me with a wink.

Since I was caught at the exact midpoint between the two doors on either end of the current train carriage, still three carriages distant from the finish line, the pressurized air whooshed out and closed the doors as quickly as that. Slam shut and take off will you.

I was stuck alone on the platform as the train rolled past me and disappeared off into the distance. A long forgotten wad of paper trying to keep up but despairing with a final gasp. Nor did I feel like moving even ever so slightly, as if I would give that teasing wink the satisfaction of telling me so.

Going to have to wait another thirty minutes for a second try.

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