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By the end of the day, they should know for sure who will be the next president of the United States. Will it be Kerry or will it be Bush? It will be a close call.

All there is now on the television is (you guessed it) voting, voting and more voting. Droves of people in Columbus, Ohio lining up to exercise their right to vote and thereby influence American policy one way or the other. The race is very close now, neck-to-neck, and because of the electoral system, the end result is pretty unpredictable.

All it takes is one middle-sized state in the Midwest to sway to one side or the other and it's all over. One wonders why then the vote of the people really matters. They are thinking of abolishing this system by the next election.

The voting has gotten underway, and unfortunately there has been a number of voting irregularities detected. Because most of the time it is done electronically, there is no paper trail. This means that if there is a dispute it will be impossible to do a dependable recount. This is all kind of scary when you really think deep down about it.

Who is "really" controlling this election? Is there some kind of illicit way to influence results without the people knowing it? Groups of voters are complaining and surrounding government buildings. What if there are revolts? Sounds like those faked elections you read about in the Middle east or African countries. But it couldn't happen here now, could it?

Well whatever goes on, I will take a pilgrimage along the Pacific and enjoy the beaches and rocky coast. This afternoon will be time for some (boring) videos of ocean waves and mountain ranges. They predict heavy rains coming in by tomorrow afternoon, so I might as well get some good shots while I can. That way when I go back home I can be reminded of that place where I came from more than twenty years ago. As far as the nature is concerned, not much if any at all has changed.

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