Parasitic movements

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This is the dream I had.

While shaving in front of the mirror, I noticed a slight blemish on my left cheekbone just below the eye. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it was a pimple ready to be popped.

I squeezed the pimple as hard as I could between my thumb and
forefinger. Slowly but surely, this tubular thing rose out due to the
pressure. It fell in my palm, and there was this deep hole left in my

This thing made me feel nauseous, and when it started to move I felt
sick. From with the translucent tube there emerged some insect parasite with long feelers and veined wings.

The insect or whatever it was emerged as if from a cocoon, wiggled and flapped its wings around for a bit. When all the gestation tissue and mucous evaporated, it just flew away. Just like that.

I could not believe it that something had been living in my face for so long without me having noticed it earlier.

How long had it been there? What would have happened had I not forced
it out? How did it get there and what was it doing?

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