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There was this spider hanging from its invisible strand connected to the bosch clock above, and it was descending ever so slowly, not more than a foot and a half from my right shoulder.

Instinctively I made a step backwards and watched my friend go lower and lower. When he met the ground he paused for a second, and then started to scamper around on the train platform. Maybe he was looking for food or a mate or nothing really in particular.

Just then is when the train arrived to the front of the platform. I panicked slightly, knowing that for sure this poor creature would be trampled to death by the droves of unknowing feet hussling to get on the train.

The little spider just stood there like he was having an early morning think.

The train screeched to a stop and then magically the spider returned to the exact same spot upon which he had landed. So calm and unknowing of the impending danger, he rose and pulled himself upwards again, just as slowly as he had descended five minutes previously. He was still connected to that strand all the time even though the human eye could not perceive it.

Up, up and away, and just in the nick of time less than an inch above the tallest passenger who dashed through and nearly dissected his vertical path.

I was the last passenger inside. After taking my seat, I gazed out the window at the clock. The train took off, and I could see the darkened fleck at half past the hour wiggling and waiting for the next adventure.

The next morning I would look for him again.

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