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First of all you have to figure out where all of the bits and pieces can be found: over there, around that corner, behind that giant boulder, under that tree, up there just beyond your reach.

Then you attempt to collect all of the bits and pieces together, categorize them, arrange and re-arrange them, until things start to make some kind of sense: not perfect sense, maybe not even that sensible at all yet, but good enough.

Now you can start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Be careful and concentrate.

Of course, the picture you create from all these jumbled pieces will never agree one hundred per cent with the true situation, but it will nonetheless approximate a model which is quite useful in finally getting started.

The tricky part is to know when you have enough of the pieces and mustering up the courage to say: okay this is it so let's get going with what we have.

There is a fine line between just not having enough information and leading everyone into a bottomless pit and just having sufficient knowledge in order to make it happen.

The momentum builds up and things take off with more energy than you originally put into it.

That's what creative energy combined with courage is all about.

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