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Thea's alarm goes off this morning at six o'clock because she has to work an early day shift, and what does she do? She rolls over and shakes me violently, saying that I have to get up. Come on now, wake up you.

Alright, alright.

I meander downstairs to have breakfast reading the morning paper, and then my wristwatch alarm goes off (at the usual time of six fifteen) and I think: what?! How is this possible? Beep, beep, beep. I am really confused how this possibly could be happening, like time shifting randomly all over the place. One second you are here and the next second you are over there. Until that is, I am standing in the shower roughly fifteen minutes later.

(Notice how many of the time slots interestingly enough seem to be split into fifteen minute intervals).

Thea dashes in the bathroom with the mirrors all steamed up, and she asks grumpily why I let her over sleep, it is so late -- now she has to rush to work...

All of a sudden I get it.

I tell her that her alarm has gone off at the right time, but rather than getting up herself she was so dreamily confused that she thought it was my alarm.

(By the by, Thea's and my alarm clocks sound completely different, but you know how distorted external sounds can sound in dreams).

She could not even remember it so it was hard to convince her that that had really happened. To think that I could have slept a quarter of an hour more and feel that much more relaxed.

Rather than getting mad (my wife is always afraid that I might get mad), I jokingly say that the next time I will get up at five o'clock in the morning in order to make her feel better and make sure I would wake her up in time.

She was glad and/or relieved (and even laughed) that I could take things in stride and not get all worked up about it. No use now getting all irate about nothing, is there?


Oversleep is one thing I never do. My internal alarm always goes off before the clock alarm, and up until a few weeks ago, I didn't even have to set the clock to be able to get up in time. I have to get up an hour earlier now so I don't take any chances, but I still always wake up at least 5 min. before hearing that horrible screech.

Oh, and I agree. No sense in getting mad about something like that :)

This is too weird. I was just now looking around your blog (by the way the design has improved even better), and then I receive an email notification that someone has added a comment on my blog. So I am very curious and have a look. You'll never guess who it was: YOU. Maybe there really is something like telepathy.

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