Nothing lasts forever

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Just before it happened...For awhile there I just stood and watched helplessly as the snagged piece of paper swayed back and forth while all the many shoes of variegated forms and colors stepped and kicked and scraped all around it. The tram would be coming any moment now, but this was too important to distract my attention. Not for even a split second. From where I was standing, I couldn't quite make out whether it was the remnants of an old paper-bag, some tissue paper, the inner page of today's morning newspaper, or whatever. There was no way ignoring the inevitable. Not a single unknowing human footstep was able to pry this innocent piece of white hope from its unlawful place there. Too bad. I kind of felt sorry for it as I visualized in my mind what was about to take place right in front of my eyes. Was I ready for it? The tram was coming and then it would happen and then it did. The thick metal wheels screamed to a halt and scraped right across the snagged piece of paper. In an instant it was freed forever, but unfortunately at the same time torn to shreds and about a hundred pieces which flew all over the place in an erratic cloud of dust and shrapnel and twigs and stuff. Nothing lasts forever. Freedom isn't everything.

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