Unawares it happened

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When I woke early that morning and abruptly sat up straight in bed, I noticed right away what had happened during my sleep. It was all over the place. On the walls and ceiling, puddles of it on the floor, and splatter marks on the windows. How could something like that have ever happened without me waking up? I should have noticed but I didn't. Instead I was sleeping away in a land of nothingness without a single worry in the world. I could barely step across the room to the door without slipping and sliding across that redness, causing streaks and sliding noises. It smelled acrid, rotten and like a distant rose, all at the same time and after one another. Next time I would pay more attention (I hoped) and be sure that even while I slept I would remain alert at the slightest hint of something happening. Didn't want to waste my life away in a land of slumbering nothingness, now did I?

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