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Well I "thought" that I was still on the dole (receiving welfare), but I guess not any more...

Just discovered that the kind folks doing the welfare here have decided to terminate my monthly unemployment allowance. Starting the first day of this month and lasting onwards into infinity. Just like that. They did not even think of warning me in advance. Like it was important that they surprise me. Hey mister so-and-so, guess what?!

Now it is down to zero euros and zero cents per month. Unless I decide to stop pretending to me my own entrepreneur, e.g. close down shop and get rid of my upstart company. A kind of blackmail.

Are they crazy? They say that I can only receive my unemployment fees if I stop working altogether, sit on the couch in front of the television all day and apply for at least one job a week.

Maybe I should get mad or then maybe again I should not get mad and just accept things, relax and hope for the best.

Hey but in the last six months I have already sent off more than four hundred and fifty job applications, imposed myself at seminars and congresses around the country, telephoned endlessly all kinds of potential companies, begged the neighbors and friends and relatives, so now what?

Onwards into infinity I guess.



If you can put so much energy into cyber-gish I can't understand why you couldn't be successful.

Write a book or something. whatever.

Something is telling me you are not true to yourself.

But maybe the picture I get is wrong.

To be clear, you are allowed to have a company next to welfare. As long as you show them your books. Furthermore, you are entitled to get investors. If Angel investors fail, you are entitled to go to a bank. If all that fails You can ask the social system here to invest. For that you have to put up a business plan. I believe the social system can invest up to 20.000 euro's if the plan is viable. But it varies from Gemeente (local authorities) to Gemeente... The only target the social system has is to get you independent (from the welfare system) as soon as possible. That means if you earn more than the minimum income. Everything you earn right now will be deducted from your welfare (that pretty much is their goal, to get rid of you as as soon as possible) . Probably they like you to get a job instead of running GishTeq because they cannot conclude GishTeq is a reliable source of income. Do yo have a business plan? Did you ask for investment at Agel investors, a bank or the social system for that matter? As long as they don't know about that they want you to solicit of course. Unless you can show them otherwise (proven to be a good strategy for them).

Before I forget, the Welfare system is even there to help you with drafting abusiness plan. By LAW they have to give you consult.

I am sorry Sjef, but despite your many helpful hints, you are dead wrong on many of the issues you mention. Having jumped through all of the hoops and many more, trying to be creative and maximize and squeeze through all the possible tricks to my advantage, I have become very familiar with the Dutch system and the options. The welfare system here is mutually exclusive with starting up your own business. Some places give you six months to try it out (like me), but that is all. Welfare is by definition for those without work. If you start your own business you have work and lose welfare. Life can be tough sometimes, but that is the things go. It is very simple: you get to choose one or the other but not both. However, I like your idea about writing a book, so maybe I will do just that -- and perhaps finally be true to myself?

That is not true. IMK is there to help you. As long as you don't make a minimum you are entitled to wellfare (having a company or not). But in the mean time you need to keep looking for a job as well. If you get a job, take the job. In the meantime if you want to start up something yourself, IMK it there to help you reintegrate.

Succesvol ondernemen draait vooral om kennis, creativiteit en aanpassingsvermogen van mens en organisatie. Wij willen de kennisorganisatie zijn waar professionele en betrokken medewerkers werken. Onze doelstellingen realiseren we vanuit een resultaatgerichte visie en met het hart op de goede plaats.
U bent ondernemer en hebt financiële problemen of start u een bedrijf? Weet u wat de gemeente of UWV voor u kan betekenen? IMK Intermediair Advisering informeert u!
IMK INTERMEDIAIR BEGELEIDING verzorgt reïntegratietrajecten richting zelfstandig ondernemerschap voor gemeentelijke sociale diensten van ca. 200 gemeentes. Daarnaast zijn wij met de meeste landelijk opererende reïntegratiebedrijven een samenwerkingsverband aangegaan voor deze vorm van reïntegratie van REA-gerechtigden. Bovendien verzorgen wij voor (grotere) werkgevers outplacementtrajecten richting zelfstandig ondernemerschap.
Onafhankelijk en snel advies aan ondernemer, starter, franchise organisatie, bank of gemeente.
U wenst personele ondersteuning bij de gemeentelijke taken Bbz/Ioaz. IMK Intermediair Support levert specialisten op basis van detachering of insourcing (op afroepbasis). Support "Uw kennis van Zaken."

A Civil Lawsuit (which actually is financed for you as well if you don't have any income by Rechtbijstand (law insurance)). Against the fact that you look at AND AND possibilities instead of OR/OR possibilities like you have mentioned, isn't really a winner for the local town house at Gouda. You have my word. (unless ofcourse you didn't cooperate with IMK).

I can't believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $61727. Isn't that crazy!

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