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Today is the first day of September, which means that it was exactly one year ago today that I became unemployed. Bummer.

Back then I could have never imagined how quickly three hundred and sixty-five days could have passed me by. Even more difficult to comprehend would have been the fact that even after a whole year I have been unable to find work somewhere else. How is that possible?!

Could be my age, my experience, my outlook and/or a combination of these undesirable attributes.

Life is full of such historical moments, and it is important that we do not lose sight of them.

What next? It is high time to break out of this boring cycle, don't you think?


"Boring cycle?," Kiffin? But what about the business you are building - that seems pretty exciting....? Maybe the cycle HAS broken, because you are travelling down this new path....

btw...what does that quote by Grand-mere Beaucourt mean?

I enjoy your blog, and all the tangents, very much...."thank you for sharing" - really!

P.S. Re Grand-mere's quote - I mean, can you please translate it into English? I'm sorry to say that I don't know French - even though my maternal Grandfather was Walloon, and spoke French quite often to his immediate family. (Yes, I know, shame on me!)

Sorry about the one year anniversary, but I gotcha beat, it's been 17 months since I got the ol pink slip! I think I have resigned to the fact that I will never get another corporate type job, at my age I get undocumented and unprovable age descrimination...

Not so sure anymore what grand-mère's quote actually means, but I will put it on my next blog entry so see if there is anyone out there kind enoguh to translate it into decent English for us.

Alright Pat, I don't know if your comments were intended to make me feel any better or not. Like I shouldn't feel that bad because 17 months is much longer so who am I to be complaining? Or like I am supposed to give up all hope and accept my fate? Yes it is truly a real drag for you I can understand and feel with you. All I can say is hang in there young man and make the best of things!

Thanks Kiffin, I sure didn't mean to make you feel any worse, things will pick up for both of us!!

That's more like it!

Maybe this cheers you up. Some lyrics I am currently writing and singing.

TCPX Oceans of Spirits... (demo preview, under production)

to listen (mp3)
click here

Lyrics (chorus):

It's not a loss you find in me.
Merely competencies of the mind...
You will learn to see...
Oceans of Spirits aren't left behind...

Composition/Lyrics/Vocals: Sjef van Leeuwen

Great stuff, Sjef. I like the melody alot, and the lyrics are interesting - though I cannot say that I understand exactly what they are meant to indicate. But that is not the point anyway now, is it?

You will not be swimming in this ocean you are in now forever. You will grow competent as spirit is stronger than mind. You will not be left behind. Others will learn to see that in you.

Repeating the words which are already echoing in my mind...

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