Lousy sunday

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Today I had a really lousy Sunday if you don't mind me saying so (#@!%!!). Too bad if you do. These were the aggravating activities that kept me busy:

  • Vacuumed the whole house (60 mins).
  • Tried to transfer the vacation video from my camcorder to the VCR but failed miserably (140 mins).
  • Sawed, glued together and attached the white floor boards for the kitchen which I have been postponing now for about a year but they kept falling apart the whole time (110 mins).
  • Attempted to go running but had to stop after my left ribcage kept bothering me, I must have bruised it badly somehow and someplace (3 mins).
  • Had a really stupid argument with Thea about absolutely nothing (15 min).
  • Played tennis with the neighbors and won (60 mins).

Sorry if I am complaining too much, but I had to get it all out.


*hugs* sorry you had a bad day, Kiffin...we all do sometimes. Hope today is better. At least you won the tennis match :)

That's so true Deb! Need to concentrate on the brighter parts of life, right? Thanks for the long-distance spiritual guidance.

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  • Lousy sunday: That's so true Deb! Need to concentrate on the bri ...
    - Kiffin
  • Lousy sunday: *hugs* sorry you had a bad day, Kiffin...we all do ...
    - deb

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