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When it comes to organizing things I guess you could say that I am boringly predictable. For example, our summer vacation has been researched in depth and finally arranged. The times, places and accommodations. This is where we will be headed:

A nice well-balanced vacation of mountains, beach and countryside.

This is a pretty loosely made schedule with a resolution of one week at most. In the past, I had it down to the day with a daily itinerary up and running one year in advance. Even certain days were subdivided into hourly activities.

Times have changed. After all, a vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, isn't it?


Sounds like a great trip!! Enjoy! (but my referer is still locked at 100 and Stu at 65 - What's stuck?) ;-)

I know about the referrer thing, so you guys don't have to keep reminding me day after day. Or is that just a joke to get on my nerves? I will get to it when I have the time and energy. So please be patient. Otherwise, I can always just remove the whole darn list altogether, such a hassle.

Didn't mean to bug ya, sorry. I am patient, the referer thing is not really important in the big scheme of things... take care Kiffin ...

Sounds like a lovely vacation. Three whole weeks!
Seeing different territory! I read an article about how in the United States, people take the least amount of time off for vacation. We're all friggin' workaholics here... Sigh! Joan, who hopes to at least get out of Yuma on the week she has off...

Yes, one great advantage of living over here in The Netherlands, and in fact in all of Europe, is that one is more laid back when it comes to balancing a hard-working lifestyle with the much deserved vacation time. I often wonder how people can function properly in the States when it is not uncommon to have a mere 1-2 weeks of vacation a year. This is crazy! Who in their right mind is capable of working productively with only a dismal compensation like that once a year to make up for all that lost time?! Here it is not uncommon to have a whole month off for summer vacation as well as a week here and there throughout the year, just to catch your breath so to say. It sure makes more sense to live a balanced life, doesn't it?

You are lucky to be there in the Netherlands and not here. What is even worse than a puny week off vacation are the fates of all the poor saps working 2 and 3 jobs. Yes! There are a great many people working 70-80 hours a week, and never taking time off.

To me, this is the height of insanity. I'd rather live in a dinky room and not have much material possessions. (empty room if i must, but gotta have a computer, web access, a mattress, a stereo,...)

well those for me are essentials...

I think that working is important, but not that important. One should take care in pursuing a balance between work and play. Too much work just does not make sense, especially when you are not happy about it and complaining all the time. Make a difference by making a choice and stick with it, I say.

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