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So the question which has been burning in my mind for the last few months has been whether or not to donate my organs when I die. I have been thinking about it seriously for some time now, vacillating between an insecure "no" to an enthusiastic "yes." When I think about it rationally it makes perfect sense, but when I let the emotional side of me take over, there are a number of bothersome doubts. What if this or what if that or should I this.

All of a sudden it hit me. Who am I to decide whether or not I should donate my organs? When I came into this world, God gave me with all his pureness of love this wonderful body of mine, including all the organs and tissue. Nothing less than a blessing from above which I should appreciate with every fiber of my being. Realize that when the time comes I should thankfully and freely allow the less fortunate others to use vital parts of myself to give them a better life. This is truly a miracle. This is not for me to decide, how dare I think that way! So I have become a donor by filling out the required donor registration card. Let's just say that not a single viable organ or tissue of mine has been forgotten.

Every viable part of me is ready to enhance life and spread the love of God. If you are also thinking about becoming a donor, then I can recommend checking out the Foundation for Donor Information site for more details.


I think you´ve made the right decision. For me the question of becoming a donor or not was quite simple. I asked myself this question: "If I were seriously ill and needed an organ transplant in order to live on, would I accept a transplant or would I refuse it." If I would accept it - which I surely would! - I should in consequese of this also accept donating my organs to a person in a similar situation.

You're absolutely right. It is just like saying that on others' birthdays I will happily take part in consuming the treats, but do nothing in return when it is my birthday. Sure there are always some uncaring folks that do this to the extreme, but I am not going to lower myself and be one of them.

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