You're fired

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[Please note that this was a dream and therefore NEVER really happened]

The boss asked me to come into his office again, for the third time that week. I was a little bit nervous, but knew why he wanted to talk to me. I sat down, and when he looked at me with a long a cold stare, I couldn't help but hanging my head low and looking at some slight smudge on the carpet next to his desk. Looked like an old piece of bubble gum that had gotten stuck there somehow, imprints of the carpet and the soul of a show. "So you are at it again are you? You know that..." I could only nod my head up and down like a shy little boy who had been caught again by his menacing elementary school teacher. At the same time I did not care one iota about trying to defend myself, no need to go into details. Call it passivity or whatever you want because I do not care. They always win anyway, they are always right and that is how I felt in my dream. Strange how even in the dreamworld you cannot break out of it, the extensions of the realworld which is supposed to be better. "I thought I had told you quite clearly to stop doing it..." A common problem at work nowadays (in the dreamworld as well as in the realworld) is that employees are becoming less and less productive. Needing escape from the doldrums of company life, these poor souls turn to surfing on the Internet, chatting, emailing and having cyber sex all over the place. But not me, I was different or so I thought. "I am very disappointed in you, there was so much you could have accomplished and you blew it..." I figured in that dreamworld of mine that I would be creative and inspired and therefore productive. Also escaping the so-called doldrums but in a different and better manner, perhaps acceptable in an unacceptable world. Too bad my boss could not distinguish between the noble efforts of my creative work of writing in my blog and the mundane and useless chatting of my fellow colleagues. "I am very sorry to tell you this," the boss told me without really even trying to look sorry. But I knew what he was going to say, so before he finished his sentence I stood up, turned around, and left. Went downstairs and out on the street. Crossed the street and looked back at the big bad successful company I was leaving. Maybe ten stories high or it could have been a hundred, tall windows from the bottom to the top reflecting light. And to think that it was all for some lousy blog of mine. Noble efforts did you say? But it was an addiction of mine, and no one understood, there was no respect for this unknown disease of the mind. Oh well, I was fired, and so what?

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I've occasionally had dreams of being fired for misuse of the Internet at work. So I stopped logging onto the company network to be online. Instead (& only because I'm the boss and could get away with it) I had another phone line put in my office so I can use the modem & my own dialup account. Funny isn't it? The lengths we'll go to be connected to the cyber world? At least I'm not stealing bandwith anymore. Just "borrowing" the phone line. Shhhhhh, don't tell! lol

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