Strings and threads

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Strings, threads, ropes, ribbons, wires, strands and even more. They were all coming out of my body and I was completely entwined in the grand mess of it all. To wake up one morning and discover this again was certainly a lousy way to start yet another day. Disturbing to see all these long and elongated sinews of the mind, which started from inside of my body somewhere and radiated outwards going right through my skin like nothing was going to stop them. This had happened before, and I knew it had to be rectified somehow. During earlier visits to the doctor, I had been warned repeatedly that something had to be done soon or it would be too late. I was so very afraid of surgery, because I was convinced that the chances of something going wrong were high. Or so it was that the aging doctor conveyed to me with his unconcerned and stoic face. Then it would go away for a long time, if I just ignored it, so I felt relieved. This morning as I lay in bed all entwined and worrying not accidentally to tug at the strands and inadvertently pulling off a section of my skin with it, I decided that by not moving at all for let's say three hours or so, it would all just go away. Hopefully, as I lay there waiting, no one would enter the bedroom and discover me in this awkward predicament. I would sure hate it if my children saw me like this. The best thing would be to do nothing and let the passing time take care of things.


The meaning is obvious: Tied down and unable to move describes the way you feel right now.The message is to wait for the situation to change. Wise decision... Good luck!

Dreams are not supposed to be that obvious! They are supposed to be a quagmire of vague mythological meanings and symbolic references, aren't they? But I guess you could very well be right on this one. Sure makes more sense.

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