Lack of patience

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When it comes down to trying to explain something about the computer to a poor soul who is completely in the dark about the whole thing, I am a lousy and impatient teacher. Maybe I am also a little insecure, but when someone does not understand what I am explaining, rather than trying to rethink thinks and take a different more obvious approach, I tend to think to myself that I am dealing with a complete ignoramus. I get frustrated and tend to assume a tone of voice which can be easily interpreted as critical and degrading. Especially early in the morning when my usual attitude is way below satisfactory. You would think that by now they would know how to do it. It all seems so obvious, don't you think? How is it possible in this modern day and age there are still folks out there who cannot figure out even the most basic actions? Double-clicking on a link when one click is sufficient, selecting text and then wondering where it all went when typing in the next letter, looking at a web site and freezing in terror not knowing how to find what you are looking for, etc. To me it is all so obvious and part of adapting to new technologies. But I should also realize that such flexibility is not really inherent in the human condition, and that often enough there are huge psychological obstacles to be overcome. Shame on me for thinking that I am above all of this.

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