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One can choose to hang around forever just waiting and waiting for the inevitable to happen or better yet one can take one's life into one's own hands and do something bigger and better. Before it is too late.

In case you did not realize it already, the new year is coming up quickly. One of the favorite things to do during this preparatory period is to make one or more resolutions. That is exactly what I have done for myself. The economic situation is extremely bad nowadays, and the chances of landing a job in the near future seem to dwindle and disappear unless I do something. Receiving rejection letters everyday is not my idea of having a fun time. Let's just say that I am seriously thinking about going into business for myself.

At the time this seems the best step for me to take.

So this is how the story goes. Inside my head somewhere there is a treasure chest of knowledge and experience, a veritable goldmine filled with valuable jewels and other glimmering priceless objects. I would be crazy not to use these. The way I see it, there are many folks out there that would find these glimmering objects of hope with excited wide-open eyes. A lucrative option it would be to borrow some of this keen knowledge to help improve matters in their own backyards. For a small minimal charge of course.

So what's the deal? I want to go into business for myself. Yes you heard me right. I want to become a freelance professional under my own company. I want to rise and shine as a future-famous business consultant (sounds better than a freelancer). Senior technical consultant, wireless applications adviser, principal consultant of this and/or that. After doing alot of research and contacting a number of distributors and resellers of computer products, I am feeling pretty cocky and confident that I can manage it.

A possible name of this organization might be something like Kiffin-dot-org and the official web site would be Kiffin.org. But am I being overly vane by including my name in all of this? Could be seen as one of the most important unique selling points.

Pretty exciting, don't you think?! Life never ceases to amaze me with the endless possibilities and the infinite potential of rising up again. Now I first have to break out of this bubble of ecstasy and make it happen. The first step will happen right about now.


Continue to inform us, I have similar desires

Will do. Just read my blog once in a while and more than likely I will mention something about it. Unless these things and my new turn in life become so lucrative and overly busy and intense that I no longer have any time nor energy left over to pen even a couple of words of wisdom. No way.

Good luck. I have thought about doing this myself several times, but always chicken out. I'm sure you'll do well.

Kiffin: I had a feeling that this was coming soon. You have too much
to offer to be working for someone else. As creative as you are I'm sure
you will be able to find lots of consultive work. Working in your own
business offers you lots of benefits ,and a few drawbacks also. Your
hours working will increase but it's not so bad because you get the
direct results of your efforts both financially and emotionly. Of course
you don't need to be told that this sounds very "American". Hip Hip Horray
for Kiffin-dot-org.

I have to think you probably have a book or two in you also.

Right On Kiffin! I too am considering a home business, doing my photography hobby for money. I have professional equipment including studio lights, all I need is a studio! Check out my site DoranMultimedia - Photography, Website Design, Audio editing, Video editing if you want, it is not too classy but I am working on it. Good luck with your efforts, I have a good feeling about it for you!

Happy holidays, Kiffin :)

Thanks alot to everyone for the kind thoughts and support. Oh yeah, and happy holidays to all the fine readers of this web log.

I went to work for myself about twenty years ago. I own a used bookshop with more and more of the sales happening over the web. I can't imagine being anyone's employee again. The freedom is just too damned satisfying.

Freedom sounds really great and that is indeed something I would cherish. However, at first I would be a little bit worried being able to balance this so-called freedom with the financial security required for supporting a family, home, ad infinitum.

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