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Does a good honest background combined with a solid level of knowledge and experience give one any advantage during this day and time? The way I see it, my mind is a sort of gold mine of information which can be used in a number of creative and perhaps also lucrative ways. That is what can become pretty frustrating in the long-run, e.g. not be able to use one's many assets as they were always meant to be. So one can easily imagine how it is very difficult not getting totally disheartened with not being able to land a job. Alot of energy spent on zero results (at least at first glance). The tendency is to become very cynical about everything and play the victim, but that would just be an easy cop-out. So what else is a young man like myself going to do besides hanging around and trying to remain alert and useful? Stay positive and open-minded, hang in there, and believe in oneself. The philosophy of living day by day is a good one but it is also an outlook on life which is exceedingly more difficult to follow as the days roll by. One, two, three, ..., one hundred and one, one hundred and two... Should living day-by-day be dependent upon the number of days? Is the passing of one day into the other some kind of cycle which does not repeat itself? Time and money is running out, and I better figure something out or else. Or else what? Well, or else I will have to figure something else out. Figure something else out, please.


Go Kiffin, Go Kiffin! I wish I could run somewhere, . Be careful!

There is always someplace to go running if you only look in the right places.

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