Ripples which spread

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These are your thoughts...What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that despite the human need for order most everything in nature is completely random. You might even call this a kind of dilemma. At the microscopic level with the zillions of atoms and molecules vibrating around endlessly up to the scale of light-years where zillions of stars and galaxies out there are twirling and expanding like there was nothing to stop them from acting so crazily. As if somehow there has to be some kind of order where it is not nor has never been meant to be. Thoughts are like that also. At the microscopic dimension inside of the brain, pseudo-thoughts and ideas are popping up all the time, like a bubbling foam on the surface of the subconscious sea where vast expanses of water meet the bluish skies of consciousness. Purely random under no control. In desperation we collect and analyze, trying to sketch some facsimile of sanity when it is not there. Who are we kidding? Multiply this attempt by the millions of individuals that interact and communicate, the endless permutations and variegated interweaving of experience, and it is a wonder that humanity is even functioning at all. Wars come and go to set things straight. For a moment. Then God decides to slap us around but we never wake up. Just for a moment. Between sleep and the wakened state. Bubbles and foam and ripples which spread out along the surface for our late night entertainment. The ripples are spreading, so watch out before they overcome you.


Isn't it our attempts to impose our order on the beauty of the universe that makes it appear random?

Could be, could be. That's a good point.

All I know is "Ruffles have Ridges"! ;-) You write great Kiffin!!!!!

I am not so sure what the relationship is between ruffles have ridges and ripples that spread out. Your mental association is an interesting one and therefore has meaning.

Great post. Thought provoking, deep and always but always readable.

Readable? I was afraid that no one out there would have the slightest idea what I was writing about. But I guess not. Thanks.

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