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Lately I have been dividing my time between four major activities (not counting the default father and husband roles): job hunting, learning Java, following a strict fitness program and playing Medieval Total War. Now to be perfectly honest with you, the last (gaming) activity has gotten me addicted completely. What an amazing game this is, very complicated with millions of statistics and rules to figure out. To think that here is this so-called grown man, and what is he doing with his life? You guessed it. No less than conquering Europe in the Middle Ages, pretending to be the ruler of the Almohads, a Muslim faction situated in Northern Africa and part of the Spanish Peninsula. I made the following screen-shot while in campaign mode in order to give you kind folks a better idea of my fantastic escapades and other digital adventures:

This is the wonderful world of Medieval Total War!
Click to enlarge.

As you can see, I have successfully expanded my empire from a measly hodge-podge of ragged provinces starting in 1087 to an impressive collection of countries forking out thousands of florins every year. In addition, I have cleverly established a number of important trading routes around the Mediterranean which increases my annual revenue greatly. While I might not be the most powerful faction in terms of military might, I am by far the richest and most cherished by my citizens. In fact, I bask in the adoration of my subjects, and there is no one else who has such dedicated support from the populace. This is true entertainment at its very best, and this simple computer game offers me a pleasant escape from the less than optimal situation in which I now find myself. Even if it is some inanimate software program with pseudo-intelligence giving me the impression that I have traveled back in time in order to redeem myself. There is nothing wrong with that is there?


Okay, okay already, I'm going to go and buy this game. You've convinced me! :-)

I apparently haven't kept up with you. I don't think it was too long ago that I was reading about your then "new" job. What happened??

I just did a search for "job" in your archives and read up on your job adventures. Please forgive my question...I should have read first.
Love your blog and page....good luck.

Welcome back Scott. The job search continues, as well as my never-ending blogging activities. Thanks alot for the concern.

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