Endless corridors

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Walking along the endless hospital corridors, there was no end in sight. Where is it now? Where are we going? What will we see when we get there? As far as the eyes could see, the left and right sides kept converging along with the floor which just recently having been mopped and waxed shone like an elongated dagger at our feet, going off into infinity. This place was huge, like an enclosed city or something underground and very deep. An underground labyrinth. Half way to the center of this planet we call Earth, within the deep-set womb of our only mother, where silence was everything. Lots of doors on the right and just as many (if not exactly the same amount) on the left. A thin line of lights along the exact midpoint of the ceiling sliding past and behind our heads. Perpendicular to the point where the top of my head would have struck the surface had an earthquake caused it to drop down on me. The pointed end of these lights way off in the distance was blurred, but we knew it was out there somewhere. Somewhere and sometime. The further we walked the less familiar it all seemed, although because of the perfect symmetry of the situation nothing really changed visibly. Despite walking for who knows how long, the walls and the floor and the whole imaginary scene had not changed. Had not changed one tiny bit. We were frozen in time and though in constant motion also frozen at the spot where we had begun, or it seemed. We were in a hurry because it was nearly too late. The time was running out. Someone was dying and they had called us up early in the morning to come quickly. Come quickly, please hurry. There was barely enough time left to get out of bed, put on your clothes and dash to the place. How we had found it was not clear, but the energy pulled us to where we had to be. So we let this energy pull us down the endless corridors. They had told us that it would be all over in ten minutes, but certainly we had already been walking (been pulled) down that endless corridor for longer than that? Would we be too late or just in time? There was no definite answer to this except that we had to keep on going since we had gone too far now to turn back. No chance giving up now. Though the urge was certainly there, and this urge to quit was very powerful indeed, it would be senseless if we heeded to it. We would regret it for the rest of our lives, too painful a burden to carry. Imagine that we had taken the wrong turn and we would never arrive in time? We could run, but that would be inappropriate in such a surreal and peaceful surroundings. Too obvious, though no one was around. Not a soul in sight, only elongated and obtuse angles pulling at us, to where we should have been much earlier. Finally to the right, around the corner, leading to the next endless corridor, over there, the same picture, pulling at us to continue. Alright, we are almost there, almost.

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