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What a storm, what an amazing storm, what a beautiful storm it has become. Wind force 11 and gusts blowing at 130 kilometers an hour. Jeez, I am in awe but kind of afraid at the same time. All this uncontrolled force from the mighty gods up there getting back at us. Sorry about that. The house is creaking on every side, leaves and twigs and other cardboard-like items are flying around in pure panic beating against the outer walls and windows almost breaking them. Outside the trees are bending about as far as they can without snapping, and the sky is getting pretty dark, thicker than thick until pitch black.

The experts claim that it is the heaviest storm in twelve years. Already two unfortunate souls have had their lives swept away in an instant. Because some falling debris happened to intersect their paths at the wrong place at the wrong time. Watch out (oops too late). The flames in the fireplace sputter, snap and crackle as if worried they might be extinguished by that the storm who is trying to enter through the chimney. The television goes on, spitting streaks and lines across the screen, and often going out altogether to reveal a darkish blue nothingness, fading pinpoint of light in the middle, smaller and smaller and then all gone. There, did you hear that? I wonder what that loud noise was, perhaps something falling. Another poor soul dying?

"...op dit moment is er zelfs overal boven land sprake van storm (windkracht 9) en dat is uitzonderlijk. Op zee is nu sprake van windkracht 11. Aan de kust zijn windstoten gemeten van 130 kilometer per uur. Boven land zijn die windstoten iets minder maar ook daar kunnen die snelheden bereiken van 120 kilometer per uur. De wind wakkert nog steeds aan. Pas als de luchtdruk boven land daalt, en dat is nog niet het geval, komt de storm op z'n hoogtepunt, aldus een woordvoerder van Meteo Consult."

I think I will stay indoors today and let my house bear the brunt of mother nature trying to punish us for all the sins mankind has committed in the past. It is just as much my fault as anyone elses.


It is a beautiful storm here too Kiffin but just the high wind, clear skies with high white clouds racing across them. Trees bent over straining against the wind, leaves and twigs swirling around the garden. No TV to flicker though as our power has been off for a couple of hours and isn't predicted to return until tonight. I've just lit a fire and dimmed the screen on my Powerbook to save batteries.

Thanks to you guys over there in the United Kingdom, much of the storms which normally threaten the Continent have their punch decreased due to you taking the brunt. Thanks alot for the sacrifices, and I can imagine how bad it must be at your house Euan.

Wow! You take care Kiffin! Our weather here is boring, another overcast day at 65 degrees F. Glad you are OK.

Yeah, I remember that day. Our trampoline came flying over the fence towards the house, knocking down a tree on the way. Alton Towers closed due to weather reasons for the first time ever. Us having to go outside to save the trampoline, then off to Sainsburys. Oh yeah, and of course my digital storm detector keeping me awake all night by bleeping every five minutes!!

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