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Here is some very sound advise for you: "When in doubt, rearrange your furniture." That is what I did the whole day. One can take this advise literally as well as figuratively. The act of change is good for you, and with the pieces of furniture reshuffled in new-and-improved positions you feel like something good has been accomplished. The stereo (musical thoughts of relaxation) over there, the television (myriad of new and challenging ideas) in the corner, the couches and chairs arranged in a cozy circle (creative and stimulating conversation), and the glass cabinet (enclosed yet visible to those who choose to look) up against the other wall. Upstairs is just as important as the downstairs. Of course, rearranging the furniture cannot take place every single day, but once in a while does wonders to your well being, if you know what I mean. Do not underestimate the fact that this so-called sound advise applies equally well to the physical as well as the spiritual.


Yes, very good advice, indeed. I rearrage the furniture several times a year, and it always give the house a nice, fresh feeling.

It is always nice to have a little change. Why is it that it is fine to move furniture around when you WANT to but it is a terrible thought when you HAVE to (such as if you're painting or redoing floors or something)?

The whole excitement of moving furniture pivots on the fact that this is done voluntarily, of course. Having to rearrange the furniture is a self-imposed activity, whereas choosing for yourself when and how is the first step towards true liberation.

Can't tell you how many times I have rearrange my rooms. One morning, I wake up and that's the day everything moves. The bad part is sometimes it is moved back from where I started. The good part is it felt gooooooood


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