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Alright, so it is finally time for me to prepare myself for the (near) future. In other words, Thea will be starting her new career move one week from this upcoming Tuesday. This means that I have all of next week to be trained in the fine art of housekeeping, taking care of the kids and other more generic activities required to keep my fine Dutch abode intact. My training will be intense, and there is alot for me to learn. By waking up early every morning with Thea, I will receive from her a hands-on course covering such topics as: getting the kids ready for school, cleaning the house, doing the groceries, preparing meals, ad infinitum. What all the rest of the activities will be is still a mystery, beyond my comprehension at the moment, but I hope that it will not be too much to handle. Wait and see. I was thinking about taking notes during this training course, but Thea is confident that I can remember most of what she explains to me without any problems. Oh yeah? We will have to wait and see. At least now I will be producing some more productive energy geared towards holding down the fort and preparing first-hand my four wild-and-crazy kids for the big bad world outside. As the time passes, I will indeed be readying myself for the (far) future. Like expanding my experiences, building up confidence, honing leadership skills and strengthening character. My male side will mesh and then fuse with my female side. Not that adding this to my resume will increase my chances of finding useful work. Actually, I would more than likely be laughed away by those macho business men who make important decisions, eg. whether or not to hire house fathers like myself. Combining this new life with job searching, fitness and meditation should make me a more rounded and balanced individual. Or not.

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