No more ghosts

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The very first time she saw one was when she was only three years old. In her memory it was still crystal clear as if it had happened just a few moments earlier. As she grew up, the visions became more regular until it became a daily occurrence. As the years passed by, they no longer came alone but appeared in groups, which became larger and larger. Until they were everywhere. First it was one ghost and now there were many. Of course, no one believed her, but she knew for sure that they were real. Real because their presence symbolized for her no lesser presence than all the other people around her. In fact, as she became older the ghosts actually became more real. More real than all of her friends and family put together. The so-called real people were no longer to be trusted. Their words no longer made any sense whatsoever. Sure the ghosts made sounds, and these sounds combined with her thoughts like different colors of paint coming together to produce the most amazing landscapes one could imagine. Other people tried to help her. They believed that she had been taken over by demons, that repressed childhood memories had swelled in her psyche to form massive psychoses, or that there was some slight chemical imbalance somewhere deep in her brain's gray matter. The ghosts just laughed, and she could only laugh with them. They knew better than these one dimensional people who were living one dimension too little in order to understand fully what the real benefits were in believing it all. People had faith in God without having seen one iota of truth and still they believed and prepared themselves for death. She had actually seen and touched and talked with the ghosts, so for her they were logically more real than the unimaginable sayings of all the church goers in her vicinity combined. They said she was a bad person, an evil spirit. She figured that if being bad meant she would have to be surrounded by all these ghosts the rest of her life then she would rather remain bad. Ghosts come and go. God is everywhere but no one has ever seen him. He could be a she for all they knew. Near the end of her life, she started to see fewer and fewer ghosts. No more groups greeted her every morning as the numbers slowly diminished. Finally there was a pair of them for a couple of weeks, and then only one. A single solitary mumbling voice whose presence became like gossamer disappearing in the wind. Her time had come and she knew it. She was prepared to let this ghost whisper the last words into her ear as she lay waiting. The time had come for her to become a ghost herself. Time finally to start where she was always meant to begin things.

1 Comment

A super piece of writing, thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

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  • No more ghosts: A super piece of writing, thanks, I thoroughly enj ...
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