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At the rate I am going now, the whole house should be mosquito free within about a week or so. Yet another "raamhor" (mosquito screen) has been constructed and put perfectly in place. Bought it at Gamma and it turned out pretty good. The great thing about these Doe-het-zelf (Do-It-Yourself) stores is that they make idle and insecure-feeling men like myself feel better and more confident (eg. more macho and manly), building up their deflated egos, as if they are true carpenters at last, every kid's dream. These boxed kits are so easy that even a child can do it. That is, at least if you are willing to follow the directions like you are supposed to. Of course, the first thing I did was cast the confusing two-page instructions over to the side. Juggle the pieces of metal and various connectors around in the hopes that it would somehow magically fit together. Nothing to it, a piece of cake, there you go. Lo and behold I did it, I did it, look at me Mom! At least that is what I thought (more accurately: "hoped") at the time. Actually, the frame had been put together by me inside-out instead of the other way around. By yours truly: the junior apprentice carpenter. Dummy. That is when I decided to inspect the instructions better, concentrate and study the cryptic Dutch language. Try and make sense of it all. Pulled everything apart and put it back together again like it was supposed to be. So now I know how it is to be done, for the next time. And the next next time. Until the house is completely enclosed in a green criss-crossed network. Time to package and encapsulate the house completely from floor to ceiling with every imaginable mosquito preventive screens and various other intricate meshed cages. No I am not compulsive. My childhood dreams of becoming a true blue carpenter are here, alive and kicking! Yes, another goal in life has been attained. Next week I think I want to become a policeman for a few days.

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Good job Kiffin! No West Nile bugs for you!!

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