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At this rate I will have nothing else to do in about a week or so. I never would have expected that I could have been so overly productive during times of extreme idleness, that is living the shameful life of not having an honorable job. Even in my free time I am overly efficient and use my time too wisely. Just in the last week I have finished repainting the four doors, reinstalled the computer after the hard disk crash, and starting tomorrow I will be making the mosquito screens and hanging them up. Need just a few more days to do all the measurements, cut the metal frames to size and attach all the pieces together according to the instructions. I hope that the contraption does not fall apart upon completion. Once this is all done, what else will there be to do? I cannot sit around reading all day, because I am sawing through all my unread books at an accelerated pace.


Stopped by your blog since you commented on my "I'm a Dad." I too am a huge lover of TopStyle! I'd appreciate any tips you can give me on making my blog better or increasing traffic. I especially want to add a "Archives by Category" section. I think I'll go scour the user manual.

Take care!

Do you do windows too?

Hope you don't get hooked on any soap operas! ;-)

Yes, I also do windows on request, no problem. Soap operas are not for me, no way.

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