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One could say that being interconnected, I mean "really" being interconnected, could very well be one of the ultimate (next) goals of mankind's evolution. At least in the near future that is. Imagine this: getting any information you desire any time, connecting to anyone or anything wherever he or she or it may be at that very moment, exchanging ideas without the unnecessary obstacles caused by times and distances and cultures and ages. This is not a vision. This will happen because I have seen it. The truly wonderful thing is that each and every one of us will be a part of this immense web of awareness and expanding energy. The age of the Internet is only the beginning, but it is opening up about a thousand new doors every minute. Maybe millions or more. If only each person had equal access, then this would grow even more quickly. It is not about computers or fiber optics or communication protocols or microchips or all of that physical stuff (which are really the limiting factors at the moment). It is about much much more, and even more than that. The potential is immense, and in the end there is a whole new dimension of thought hidden in myriad crooks and crannies of mother earth, eg. in the third world countries where many thriving minds are waiting to join and be connected. If only we could reach out and help them also. Maybe this is the answer. The whole world and the whole universe, inner and outer and inside out. Unfortunately, I feel that I am more than likely too old already to witness this revolution. Bummer man. I will probably "just" miss out on the big quantum leap. An aside: as a ten year old boy, I was always convinced that by the turn of the century we would all be astronauts floating around in space, that we could fly to the planets, and that droves of robots would be serving our every whim and desire. But at least I entertain a sense of satisfaction by knowing that in my own small way I have contributed a little to this potential energy expansion, as it is bubbling up now. My children and my childrens' children and the children of others and all the rest of the (unborn) children all over the world will carry on the tradition and make it all happen. Afterall, each generation is improving, isn't it?

"God will not suffer man to have the knowledge of things to come; for if he had prescience of his prosperity he would be careless; and understanding of his adversity he would be senseless." - St. Augustine (345-430)

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