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Since I have nothing else left to do now, I decided to organize my life by creating a pseudo-checklist of important things that should be done (some time in the future). So-called structure and a twisted form of guidance that will provide me with those normal goals and purposes that everyone entertains these modern days with pleasure. New purpose that is. Here follows my to do list:

  • Get the vacation pictures copied and sent to everyone back home.
  • Write thank you notes to all the fine people who were so cordial and accommodating to us during the vacation.
  • Paint the inside of the two doors white (one in the garage and the other in the kitchen).
  • Send off millions of cover letters and resumes to find work where possible.
  • Read the tremendous backlog of books I have collected in the last year or so.
  • Spend more quality time with my children.
  • Fill out the unemployment papers and forms so that I will be able to receive (very limited) compensation some day.
  • Relax and enjoy my late evenings with Thea just being together reading and talking.
  • Learn more and more about Internet and how I can improve my homepage and blogs.
  • Fix the backyard patio stones which have collapsed into a hole ten feet by ten feet after a tropical deluge which washed away all the dirt.
  • Start getting healthy again.
  • Join a fitness club called Getting-Well.
  • Stop munching out on sweets and no more desserts, just resist.
  • Take up jogging three times a week (hopefully my back problems do not come back).
  • Learn to relax, meditate, and perhaps even take Yoga classes.
  • Finally unpack and clean up all the rest of the luggage lying around since we returned from America.
  • Play more video games on our Playstation2 to get even better and ascend higher impossible levels of expertise (the games sure cost enough, so I might as well use them).
  • Call a number of acquaintances and other individuals to assess the employment situation so that I can focus my efforts better, aiming for the areas where my chances are the greatest.
  • Just live day by day and hour by hour as they come along, go with the flow
That sure is a long list, not exhaustive, but still a bit too long I would say. It is not my intention to do every single thing, but rather just to create some form of organization in a life which is pretty darn unstructured and unpredictable at the time. Cast some light rays into the darkness ahead.


Great Plan Kiffin, please keep we readers updated on the status of each bullet! ;-) My wife says she likes me me being around the house (since my layoff) but I would rather be working, that's for sure. I never made a plan like yours, but maybe I should make now now...

It is a long list Kiffin, but take heart of the last point and you will accomplish all of it and more. It doesn't all have to be done in one day. Maybe the timing for the next phrase is off, but you have to take it metaphorically, "There will ALWAYS be something left in your in-box." (inbox / to-do list / life plan)

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