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This is another dream I had. My teeth had become so yellow as overly yellow as could be and they looked terrible. Almost like they were ready to rot away and fall out at any moment. I was extremely conscious about this, as yellow teeth are definitely a serious handicap when it comes to remaining professional and representative in your role in life. Who could take someone with such awful looking yellow teeth really seriously? Still the job had to be done and the deadlines achieved. Follow the leader (the one over there with yellow teeth). I knew that everyone could see it, but there was no use trying to ignore it and hide these yellow fangs by keeping my mouth closed, lips sealed shut. I had to speak, meaning opening my mouth, saying things and even God forbid laughing out loud when required to keep up the team spirit. Laughing out loud with extreme yellowness shining outwards into everyone else's faces. The day's activities must go on, even if it meant forsaking one's teeth and not having enough time left over to brush them three times a day. To think of it, when "was" the last time I had brushed them properly according to the rules? Alright, first the bust schedule for the rest of the day, and then when I got home I would try to reserve some time just before I went to bed to brush my teeth. If I started this evening, brushing and scraping and polishing, then hopefully after a week or so my teeth would start looking more respectable.


I'd better not show my wife this post Kiffin as she is always on at me to do something about my teeth saying it will undermine my credibility etc. etc.

Trouble is despite years of mucking about by dentists I have had the least trouble since I stopped going to them!

Funny that you mention it, but I have been extremely lucky with the strong teeth I was born with. Despite how badly I take care of my teeth, often just once a day, I have rarely had any problems, eg. only one cavity in thirty odd years. Still, they could be whiter (my wife keeps reminding me also).

I've always heard that "teeth" dreams are always about money....If you lose your teeth in your dreams you're worried about losing money, etc., and so I would assume you're worried about money for some reason, but you're not losing it yet, you're holding on to it no matter what.

About money? That's interesting, because I always thought that dreams about losing teeth had to do with being sexually repressed. Not that I have any dreams about teeth falling out of my mouth.

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