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There was this guy carrying a duck under his arm as he walked down the aisle. Strange, I thought. I had on occasion seen dogs, cats and even once a tarantula in a glass jar, but never had I seen a live duck in the train before. The guy walked past me and then on into the next carriage. As the door between carriages slid shut again behind him, I could barely make out the ducks beak and its beady eyes. At the next train stop it was time for the guy and the duck to get out. The door at the opposite end of the carriage slid open, and the man with the duck under his arm approached me. Kind of like everything was happening in reverse motion. As the guy got closer to me I tried not to be too rude by staring at the duck's head and beady eyes. All of a sudden I realized that it was not a duck at all, but an umbrella he was carrying. The wooden handle of the umbrella was carved by some artisan's hands into the shape of a duck's head with an orange beak and two shiny black gems for the eyes. Can you believe it? I mean, who in his right mind would buy such an awful looking umbrella? This person was obviously from a foreign land where it is more than likely some kind of status symbol having an umbrella with a handle in the shape of a duck's head. There I was trying to figure things out when the guy with the duck under his arm jumped out of the train and continued on his way. As the train picked up speed, it passed him walking on the platform. For the life of me I still could have sworn that it was a real duck he was carrying, seen at that distance. Life remains deceptive in more ways than one.

If you do not believe me that this really happened, then I invite you to check out this duck handle umbrella google search.


makes me think of Mary Poppins... remember her umbrella? It talked. You should have tried striking up a conversation.

I thought about striking up a conversation, with the guy you mean not the duck I hope? Maybe I should have tried getting to know the duck better, thereby breaking the ice with this foreigner in order to initiate a meaningful dialog. Next time I see him I will be sure to do that.

But, would you recognize him without his duck? I mean "umbrella"?

I thought this was very strange (OK - it is) and figured that an umbrella with a duck handle would be rare.

Not so! I did a search for "duck umbrella" and there are quite a few out there...........

Most are not very life like but even so.

Okay Marc, you can admit it. You didn't believe me at first, right?! I may often write about strange happenings in my life, and the average "normal" reader my shake his head feeling sad about my close encounters with insanity. Jeez, this guy is weird. But all my entries have something to do with reality in one way or other whatever reality might truly be.

Am I going mad(der)? Was the link to the google search there when I first posted? If it was then I'm not reading things properly and that worries me - although I am a bit of a skim reader.......

As for believing you, of course I did :) Especially with this story as my ex-father in-law used to collect walking sticks. Some of those were very intricately carved and painted - worryingly lifelike!

Yes you are going mad(der), but aren't we all? No don't worry, that google search link was not there before. After being inspired by your comments (like always) I thought it would be an interesting and nicely added touch to include it. I also did a google search and was amazed how many so-called duck umbrella's there are out there.

I went on the internet and searched for the duck handle umbrella. It keeps leading me to this site! The very first entry reminded me of what i would have sed. I love the little parrot handle umbrella in mp. Anyway, The article is very weird, Why would you fall for a wooden handle in the shape of a duck on an umbrella? What did the guy look like? make sure to email me about it.

You know it is funny how people keep coming back to this blog entry after so many months. Perhaps the idea of a duck umbrella is more important than I could have ever imagined.

and definetly make sure to tell me about whether i could get a parrot handle umbrella if you find one.

Hey, I like duck head umbrellas, I was seraching for it on google and found this link.

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