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This is my burning psychological question that I submitted to Ask Mrs. H. at the digital journal called Technoerotica:

"Dear Mom, You don't mind me calling that do you? Well anyway, I have been trying to become famous since I was born. As a noble goal in life, I have focused my attention on attaining this amazing feat for almost forty-five years. Now I wonder if it is still really worth it all. I mean trying to become famous. I have this funny feeling that I have been famous from the very beginning, and I just have not opened my eyes to realize this. Am I just fooling myself with delusions of grandeur or is it really true that I am the most famous person in the universe?"

I am curious if it will be taken seriously and actually answered on the site.


It DID get answered:
"Yes, I am afraid I do mind you calling me that. Only a very small, select group of people have the honour of addressing me in that manner. If your delusions make you happy, then fair enough. Now go away, you silly little insignificant person. "

Yes Stu, I already saw it, but thanks (no thanks) for telling me. I am not sure if this is a "serious" nasty response or just a fun one.

Life is not measured by the breaths that we take but by what takes our breath away. You are famous to those that count the most == the people that love and care about you. One rarely knows the true impact we have on each other's lives and it is good to have a goal; however, self-indulgent it may seem to some. At least you have a goal. It isn't always about achieving your goal but is more about trying to achieve it and the roads you take, choices you make and lessons you learn in trying to achieve it. Hang in there. This life is nothing more than preparation for better things to come anyway.

Wise words Sheri.

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