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This evening after work there was no one home. They had all gone to watch Lennart play baseball. Checking through the zillions of emails I came across no less that two emails which were identical. This is what they had to say:

These are real proven techniques for enlarging your penis.
You won't believe the results!!
All Natural Penis Enlargement, Add 1-4 Inches to your penis now!
Size Does Matter, 100% Natural Penis Enlargement Program
Do you have a small penis? We can help!
Penis Enlargement IS Possible...Using simple exercises & Techniques!

Why do I keep receiving these kind of wonderful offers? Don't the senders of these kinds of junk email realize the breach of privacy they are causing? Something has to be done about this. Per day I receive around twenty spam emails and it is rising quickly. Please excuse the pun.

To make matters worse, there is a small note at the end of the aforementioned email which states "Note: this is not SPAM." Who are they kidding and how can they get away with this?!

It is bad enough that I am getting buried with these unsolicited emails, but when my kids receive such emails I can get really really mad. Especially when they come to me and ask what is a "porn star" or what does "Viagra" do.


Kiff, *I* get those emails, too. I guess it's for if I wasn't happy with my boyfriend's size or something, but it really bothers me.

Anyone who has their real email address posted on a site is going to get that crap, unfortunately. I consistently get not only the penis-enlargement emails (who takes them up on this offer?), the Viagra offers, but also viruses hidden as .pif files (these are some sort of alternate file extension for batch files, I believe. Whatever they are - be careful what you open!)

Ah, the perils of internet life . . .

I recently got hold of a neat app for the Mac called POPmonitor which allows me to set up filters and nuke spam at the server end. Your kids need never know they'd been sent it.

Hmmm - not much to say except that I agree with you. It's damned annoying!

Yes, one can just shrug one's shoulders and say that that's life on the Internet, but what's a person to do?! I wouldn't appreciate someone rummaging through my garbage or mailbox collecting all kinds of information about me without my permission. I do not feel like compromising my sense of freedom because of a few jerks.

I find it quite comical when I get these same emails as you described, especially since I don't have a penis to enlarge.

Wenn ihr ein wirklich günstiges Versandhaus mit allem was man sich nur wünschen kann sucht, seid ihr hier genau richtig.
Hier gibt es wirklich alles, zu super Preisen, ich kann es echt nur weiterempfehlen, ich war sehr zufrieden.

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