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Elements of the unknown make a welcome intrusion into an orderly life. Brainpower is the most efficient form of energy. Expression comes and goes in daring new ways...

Everyone nowadays knows that the human brain is divided into a right and a left hemisphere. Or so they say. The scientific community claims that specific human thinking and walking tasks are divided across this cortical separation in such a way that certain roles are delegated to the left side and other roles are delegated to the right side. Thanks to science we tend to view the human mind as a dichotomy, not only between right and left, but also bewteen intuitive and logical, feelings and senses, the good and the bad, being creative and being down-to-earth, and finally between physical and spiritual, the real and the unreal. And then there was the brain. Or was that the mind? Too bad the brain has been created in such a misleading physical form. Where is it exactly? The mind starts where the brain stops. The brain begins where the mind stops. The brain and the mind overlap the same areas of space and time.

The mind and the brain. The old man over there is speaking to us. Speaking ever so quietly. And then there was silence, complete silence...


All right Kiffin! You have me hooked on this one. I am intrigued and follow it all the way (at least I follow my interpretation of it). And yet the flow from thought to logic to introspection ... where did this come from? Is the just "pure thought?" If there is a reference to what provoked this entry, I would REALLY like to know exactly what that reference is. If it is merely pure thought on your part, then kudos!

Believe it or not, what originally inspired me was my horoscope (Libra). In the first paragraph I have rephrased it a little to fit the situation. Normally I have an aversion to anything remotely related to astrology. However, I just happened to come across it in one of those millions of daily email newsletters one receives and never reads. After that so-called random trigger, it is merely "pure thought" which led me onwards. In case you were wondering.

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