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As a good parent it is important to care for your kids and do your very best job using tender loving care to create the perfect little human beings. At the same time however it is your job to teach them to be independent so that when they grow up they can survive in this big-bad-world with as few bruises and scratches as possible. You want to be close to them, cuddle them closely, kiss them goodnight, and have boring family outings together. But at the same time you want to let them grow up and let them go. You cannot keep them forever, and you cannot go against nature's grain, who are you to think that you own them or something? They chose to be with you and God provided a gift for all of mankind. This is very difficult, probably one of the biggest dilemmas of parenthood: to be close and to be faraway at the same time. It is only natural to feel hurt or letdown or irate when your obnoxious and sassy kids who think they know it all just ignore you the whole day. Of course they know it better than you and they know that. But at the same time you are proven the hard way that you have done an exceptionally good job up to now. Congratulations to all parents out there who have achieved similar difficult results. You done good, darn good. Those are the future leaders of the world who have allowed you to take care of them while they have prepared themselves. Yes, the future leaders of the world.


Okay so as a teenager still myself, I look at what you say and I can see how my parents would think the exact same thing as you. I can also say that it's hard to want to grow up and spend time doing new things with new people and yet feel bad because your parents want you to still spend tons of time with them. My father told me a while ago that he's almost upset that he raised me to be so independent, because he wishes I would "need him" more often. ::sigh::

Children are weird. Growing up is a pain. Good parents are hard to come by. So congratulations, Kiff, you're a good one.

James 1:2-3

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

I am not yet a parent. I can't wait to be one. Then again, when it comes to be that time, I'm sure I'll have wanted to wait. Keep up the good work Kiff and all parents that are thinking the same things!

Interesting to view my comments from the perspective of a real-live teenager. Yes, I can imagine you kind of understand, but afterall you have to experience it for yourself as a (good) parent. I sure hope I am a good parent, but that is not for me to decide.

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