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Alright so it is time once more for me to commute via automobile again, at least for the time being. Of course, I prefer the fifteen minute bike trips, especially now that the weather is improving as Spring approaches. However, a more important project has popped up for a potential customer who has invited my company to provide a story in the form of completing a so-called RFI, Request for Information. Since this company is some big international organization, they ask that the report be done in English. I am the lucky professional who has been asked to review and correct the input from others so that something slick and attractive results. Time to score, and score big. This is an interesting challenge, but it is a longer drive to Diemen where the headquarters is located, just east of Amsterdam. I end up spending at least three hours extra a day sitting in the car. Yes, you heard it right, three lousy hours enclosed behind glass. Turn up the radio, listen to the BBC World Service, bring my CDs along, hum to Alanis Morisette, crank up Neil Young, and try to make the best out of it. Sitting in the car is not my ideal way to enjoy myself, but you are alone and can think alot about many things. Contemplate the future, play philosophy and solve the mysteries of nature. Wish me luck folks.


Well, I wish I worked close enough to home to ride a bike. I sit in my car for 3 hours per day driving 45 miles each way! I bet your RFI is very slick! Good luck!

(and I informally request you change your comment form not to require email addresses. I think some robots out there are scooping up email addresses and spamming away!)

I work close enough to bike -- only it's usually too hot to bike up to work so sadly I drive two miles up the road so I don't break a sweat before I actually GET to work. How depressing, right?

I love driving, though. I love being alone, I love feeling the freedom, I love being absolutely and only ME. When I'm driving is the only time I feel that way.

Well jeez, here I am rambling on at 2:15 in the morning. At least my time. Sorry ;-)

Shame on you Bekah for taking a car for just a two mile drive. Bad for the environment you know. Sweating is better, but I cannot imagine that you are sweating that profusely after such a short trip.

Perhaps you don't understand how high the humidity in Florida is?

I know, though, shame on me. ::sigh::

As you may know, Kiffin, I live about 60 miles from work so by the time I drive the girls to day car and continue on to work, I average three hours a day. However, I've found that I really enjoy those three hours. It forces me to slow down and gives me the time to get to know what's going on in my head.

Okay Emerald that is certainly a good way of looking at it, a time to relax and just think about things. One can prepare mentally for the long day ahead and reminisce about all the other more important things in life. Like how it was dropping your kids off at school.

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