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This weekend was certainly a busy one. A very, very busy one. I had promised myself and everyone else that I would finally set up the computers in the new so-called "entertainment room" and that is what I did. I had expected it to be alot of work, but in no time I had the home network up and running in no time. I could not believe it. However, one small trivial thing did not work, and I would not be happy until it was fixed. You see, while I configured my ADSL modem so that it was now a router and had hooked up the computers so each had a separate dedicated line direct to the Internet, they could not see (communicate with) each other. Drats. Perhaps I should have left it for another day, but I just had to get this problem fixed. Fixation, here we come again. Perfection to the extreme, no patience. Do not let it be. So it turned out to be yet another day trying all kinds of things, but it still did not help. You see, I had to connect the computers together for two reasons: 1) so that I could transfer my personal documents and other files from the old computer to the new one, and 2) so that the kids could play games against each other across the LAN. Of course you can imagine that the second reason is by far the most important, and the kids kept dropping by the room every ten minutes asking if they could play on the computer yet. Alright, alright, get this fixed or else. Well, late Sunday afternoon it finally worked. I was tired and had had enough of all the spaghetti wires all over the place, but it worked. Took a long run to shake things off and felt much better. Rewarded the whole family with McDonalds, and during the evening tennis match, I pulled off a last second point to pull off the win. I have to admit that it was an amazing shot, pounded down just between the two opponents, with a fine touch of true strength and sports ability. Capped off in style the good results of a long-and-winding weekend. Life goes on.

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Congrats on the LAN, big guy! My little lan has been working OK since we hooked everything up. Our biggest problem was bad crimps on the connectors.

BTW - remember my IM about the BWG's site being messed up with his upgrade to MT 2.0? He removed the link to the post!! I don't know what that means...

Have you made the painless upgrade yet? hehehe

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