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Svetlana Alliluyeva, daughter of Josef Stalin, is 76 years old today. How would you like to be in her shoes with a father like that? I wonder how she has dealt with the sins of a so-called dad who is directly responsible for millions of unnecessary deaths as a terrible dictator. Maybe she doesn't know, or doesn't realize, or has no ill-feelings, or is just plainly and completely senile now. Maybe her time spent on this planet was consumed with feelings of guilt and depression. The world continues to turn and history recedes faster and faster into the darkened past.


Fascist History. Stalin worked to free the common man. The US and European oligarchy installed the European Fascists and Nazis to prevent a worker's revolution and to attempt to overthrow the SOviet Union. (Their intervention in 1918-1920 at Archangel had not been successful nor their 30 years of espionage using Trotsky fascists etc).
In WWII 18 million Russian civilians, 4 million SOviet POWs, 6 million Polish civilians, and the "left" throughout the occupied countries and Germany were murdered. (The oligarchic installed Japanese fascists murdered 10 million Chinese communist civilians alone).
In the monopoly capitalist dictatorships (aka democracies) we are taught fake history. Jews were used as a demagogic scapegoat for the people's hatred of the capitalist looting system and were never a target at the upper echelons. Plenty of "left" Jews were murdered along with the other left. The fascists use the "Jewish Holocaust" story and omit the majority of victims and the reason behiind the war. Since WWII the fascist International centered in the US has murdered an addittional 20 million members of the "left" (anyone for the working class). Read William Blum's "Killing Hope". Also, in 1953 there was a western backed Khrushchev coup (trotskyite) that reinstalled capitalism on the slow plan between 1953-1965. USSR from this date was nothing but a western collaborating fascist dictatorship.

Heavy stuff. Hard to believe, but true. So is there still any hope in this crazy world we live? I really wonder.

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