Swaying trees singing

| Short fiction

 There was not much time left. Time left. Left at all... There they were again off in the distance. A long row of trees swaying ever so slightly in harmony with the wind that was blowing them tossing them back and forth. A kind of synchronized inactivity with the leaves and branches and falling twigs, all of it singing. Purposely to grab my attention. Some kind of message and they were talking to me. A secret message that I had to untangle and figure out for myself. But how? Indeed there were a number of subtle hints in the way the twigs struck the ground or the leaves flapped their wings or the swaying took on a clearly mysterious and exotically serious motion. Why did they keep on sending me these secret messages? When I decided to keep on walking down the path to who knows where and left those swaying beings off in the distance where they belonged in the first place, that question kept on nagging me. Again and again and again. I was tired of these messages, these subtle melodies, these motions that I just missed and did not quite understand. Actually when I thought about it logically it did not make sense my overly concerned and worried attitude about such things that in the end were not that important at all. At least not that important to the rest of the world who could absolutely care less anyway. Only to me was it important, utterly important, more important than important, more important than finding the Holy Grail, discovering the true purpose of life, having eternal youth, finding a cure for cancer, ending of all wars, bringing peace on earth forever and ever, I thought. To me. Ironically, I knew for sure that in order to prevent a complete disaster, not to let down mankind and have them remember me as someone who failed, I had to decipher all of this. Do not want to fail miserably now do we? No. There was not much time left. Time left. Left at all. Twigs spelled backwards is sgiwt which sounds a lot like squid which lives in the ocean very deep where everything is dark and uncanny. And trees spelled backwards with the tee truncated away into oblivion results in seer who is a person with special gifts of the mind and can either predict the future or feel from within that something is not quite right. Right, "I am a seer" and have been that way since the moment I entered the light and took my first breath. Finally, leaves without the ess sounds like Eve who was the first female causing us to be the way we are now. The ultimate animus. I kept on walking farther and farther away, furthering myself the best I could from the swaying trees, thinking about all of this. Stream of consciousness, falling leaves, sticks and twigs. The wind and a kind of harmony. Sumina.

Seer of things to come. Be with me from now on. Collect the sticks and twigs and other things. Time to go on.

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