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Lately I have been having a slew of frustrating and comical dreams for some reason. Here is a summary of some of these slumbering curlicues:

  1. I am stuck somewhere faraway in an exotic country, in or near China. The only flight back home takes off once a week. I first have to take the train to get to the airport which is around a thousand miles away. But I do not know where the train station is. Of course, no one can speak a word of English and it is impossible for me to figure out any of their Chinese mutterings and pointing gestures. In the end, I miss the flight back and have to wait yet another week in that country of unfamiliar surroundings.

  2. I am in a hurry to get to work because I didn't hear the alarm and woke up way too late. Digging through my drawers for a pair of underwear, all I can find are Thea's underwear. One after the other. For each pair of her underwear I throw aside, more appear to collect in a pile in the drawer. Finally in desperation, I figure what the heck and try them on for size. A little tight but they will do for today.

  3. I have to take an exam tomorrow, but I have not even opened up a single study book. On the one hand, I should cram all night and hope that I can pass the test with some luck. Instead, I choose not to do a single thing! Who cares anyway? I am too old afterall, and I do not feel like letting the world of academia rule my life. A stage in life I have passed long ago, no need to have to relive it again and again. However, even if on the outside I have presented a convincing front of indifference, I am still nervous about it. What will everyone think if I fail this so-called important exam?

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