Parallel cracks

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 crisscrossing back and forth and everywhere... Parallel universes do exist. At each infinitesimal fraction of a second, the current universe splinters into an infinite number of new universes. And then at the next infinitesimal fraction of a second each of these universe pathways split off again into an infinite number of new branches of existence. These branches continue to spread out forever and forever until every single dimension imaginable has almost been covered.

Just at the moment when the very last dimensional line of existence is approached, it too cracks open and splinters off into a new countless number of fissures that spin away into nothingness. This starts the whole process all over again and the endless cycle continues.

So which path am I following? How many of me is out there splitting off? Who is the real me? Will I ever accidentally cross paths with another me out there somewhere and sometime?

There is an energy coming together because it is flying apart. It will never end. Millions and millions and millions of me crisscrossing back and forth and everywhere. I am here and everywhere at the same time.


I would be glad to "know" you, Kiffin! Love the site!! : ) It's nice to see insight in people's journals instead of "social blogging." My aunt lives in the Netherlands, by the way. (Amsterdam) I've never been but I look forward to going back to Europe someday. :)


If you have been reading my blog regularly, then you already know me pretty well. Thanks alot for the compliments. If you ever happen to be one this side of the world, then I can recommend highly visiting the Netherlands. I live in Gouda which is about an hours drive south from Amsterdam.

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  • Parallel cracks: Kat, If you have been reading my blog regularly, ...
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  • Parallel cracks: I would be glad to "know" you, Kiffin! Love the si ...
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