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Just don't fight it... I happened to come across this quote the other day, and it really started to make me think: "If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die."

So the next time you get the urge to sneeze, try to hold it in. Or else.

But then again, I always learned when I was little that you could very well blow a blood vessel by actually "holding back" the urge to sneeze. Let the sneeze come naturally, otherwise it explodes outwards and causes more collateral damage than is necessary. You can only suppress a sneeze for so long, and the act of resisting does not help.

Can you imagine dying from something so seemingly innocuous as a sneeze, no matter how mighty a sneeze it could be? Sudden, involuntary, explosive death, instantly and without remorse.

How embarrassing. "He succumbed unexpectedly from a hefty sneeze" would appear in your obituary. Or better yet, the following last words would be etched on your tombstone: "Achooo..."

So please tell me then, why do we sneeze in the first place?

Suddenly it comes, natural forces pushing through the artificial man-made obstacle of clenched fist pressing hard, germ particles, mucous and other unpleasant speckled wetness covering a radius of at least ten feet around you.

So who is right now, anyway? Don't fight it.


I love sneezing, I especially love to see other people sneeze. It really turns me on. Keep sites like this for people like me.

Yes sneezing can provide a satisfying and somewhat (spiritually) erotic release I would say.

You people are weird! Sneezing is disgusting!

sneezing rocks

I held in about 6 sneezes today and now i have chest paines between my 2 ribs in the mid section. I'm not holding in any more.. I'd advise you to do the same

I so agree with Keisha

I think sneezing is almost pure pleasure! Few things make me feel as good as a hard, solid sneeze. I think only sex can top the pleasure of a good sneeze! Seeing and hearing the right person sneeze can make me feel sexy. One bad thing is the sneeze that gets stuck and gives me an hours-long sneeze-tease. I find yoga helps release my balky sneezes. Sometimes the best sneezes are the ones that are hardest to get out. There is also the "April Fools" sneeze, where I get ready to sneeze, but after tormenting me mercilessly, it disappears. I hate that! Different people have different styles of sneezing. Some people are "sudden" sneezers. They sneeze with no warning. I like the kind of sneeze that allows time for a warning, like "Uh-oh! I think I'm gonna sneeze!," followed by a short buildup, then the sneezer lets it fly! Sometimes they fumble for a tissue or a hanky, but usually the sneeze wins the race. It's good sneeze drama when that happens. In conclusion, I think we should rejoice in sneezing. My friend has proffered a sneezey proverb: "The harder they come, the harder they go. The harder they go, the better they feel." :-)

Whatever happened to the drunken sneeze?

I also agree with Keisha! The sites about sneezing are really the only sites I search for!

Sneezing is fun. I like to sneeze. I dont not want not to not sneeze. Try filming a sneeze then playing it back in slow motion. Does anyone know how to make yourself sneeze? I dont. How is it done, because feathers dont work..

Yeah, how do you make yourself sneeze. I like to sneeze and i want to more often.Also,I like when people get in those long sneezing fits and they sneeze like 10 times but every minute or thirty seconds or so.

I agree. This site needs to be kept up. I am currently serving 2 years less a day in a provincial jail, and have access to the internet, and love reading about sneezing. They call me Sneeze in here. Its really hard to get cigs in here, let alone crack. So the only way I can get high is by that semi-orgasmic head rush from a sneeze. I sneeze about 130-190 times a day. We do it by either sniffing pepper particles, or by just shoving something up there until it makes you sneeze. One time we ran out of pepper (about 25 dollars for a teaspoon) and we had to sniff what we had, we tried particles from the blanket, but they didn't work, so just startied chipping the paint from the walls and shoving it up are noses. IT worked great. and we still do it, no more need for pepper!

to make yourself sneeze all you have to do is put a cotton swab in your nose and kind of tickle it it works really welll too........strange ass people

You people are a bunch of sick fucks!!! I never thought I would find so much info on sneezing!!!

I love sneezing too. I discovered that my wifes vibrator when used on the tip of my nose gives me the best sneezes, I mean i can get 7, 8, or 9 huge sneezes. It is so good that my nose goes numb, my eyes are all watery, cleans out my sinuses. I only stop because all the sneezing begins to hurt my stomach and rib muscles, I'm telling you it's the best.....

it totally turns me on i wank over it

i like to sneeze but not 130-190 times a day!! wow i thought i'd never find so many people like me!!

I like to sneeze. I do it on people.

sneezing makes me have to pee i love it i love watching ppl sneeze too

A good way to make yourself sneeze is to rub the bridge of your nose continuesly

OMG! I LOVE sneezing! Does anyone have a sure-fire way to make me sneeze MANY times in a row? I love sneezing...i want to do it more! I actually enjoy other people sneezing.

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