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I was sitting down on a park bench enjoying the scenery. It was a sunny and crisp late afternoon in early spring. In my lap I had a medium-sized plastic bag of the most exquisite soft pieces of roundish candy that you could have ever imagined. Delicious. What was unbelievably luscious, melting almost instantly under my tongue, after only a couple of simple chewing motions of the jawbone? An unusual taste produced totally and completely seductive, ecstatic electrical activity of the mind.

When I woke up, I could feel the soft object in my mouth stuck on my left side between upper and lower rows of molars. Soft but not sticky as in my dream and the taste reminded me of plastic or glue or some kind of wax-like substance. Clenched in my left hand was an earplug, coming more than likely from, having popped out of, one of my recently slumbering ears. As I could then hear perfectly well through both ears, I gathered that the other earplug had dropped out also. Think and think. That object in my mouth was that very same earplug, a pinkish and malleable substance of round wax I was at that very moment chewing on.

Dreams can be very strange at times, especially when the spiritual thoughts of movement are matched in sync with the less real bodily motions. Dreaming about meta-candy and chewing on it at the same time, whatever earthly substance out of which it had been made.

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