Paint-blotched jogging pants

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Oops...There I was standing in front of the crowd giving my presentation. The public consisted of the most important customers who were all candidates to be a partner of my company. My job was to blow them away with a fantastic presentation and in the end make them all come running to me to announce that they too would like to join the partner program. Everyone was watching me closely, and I was doing pretty well. First our company strategy and our unique approach in breaking open the lucrative market of mobile telecommunications...

You can imagine my dismay when I glanced down and noticed that I was still wearing my old jogging pants. I had been painting the new room we were building above the garage, and I had spent the day sandpapering and then painting the walls and ceiling with my jogging pants on. They were blotched with white paint and they sagged below my waist. In my haste to get to the presentation that evening at the last minute, I had completely forgotten to change my pants. Oh dear. Quite a unique combination I must admit: suit and tie and jogging pants underneath.

The worst part of it all was that the elastic strip around the waste had broken which caused my pants to hang low so that my behind was exposed. Nice white underwear would be visible if I turned around. Better not do that. Fortunately I had been trained well and through experience knew that one should never turn one's back to the audience while giving a presentation.

Funny thing was that none of the so-called important customers seemed to notice. Or did they? Maybe they did not want to embarrass me. Or perhaps my presentation was so inspirational and moving that not a single spectator noticed the slight detail. Paint-blotched jogging pants.

That's about all that I can remember. Dreams are known to mess you up while you sleep, but at the same time they make you aware of certain stranger-than-normal aspects of your personality.

Next Wednesday I will certainly be on guard. My presentation will come from my heart and there will be no need to play an act and hide from them the true person who I really am. Even if it means I wear my jogging pants to relax.

Just relax.


What was the aftermath? Anything happen? Good or bad, we gotsta know!! ;-)

Hey Pat, don't know yet because it is in a little over thirty minutes. Will tell you how it goes, if I survive that is.

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