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I happened to come across this quotation and liked it so much that I felt it would be good inspiration for my blog. Says alot about the future of the Internet and how we can all influence it's development in a positive way.

Restless in 2002
"Our memories of being world-changing pioneers are now littered with messy debris from the punctured Internet bubble, and the Web seems to have settled into a few set types of sites. Commercial interests now define most of the Web's activity, and we're just waiting to see whether Microsoft manages to take over as we humbly accept our positions in the status quo, building Web services or whatever Gartner's going on about lately."

"Resist such notions. Those who built the Web should never have to settle. Though its scale brings new challenges, this is still a uniquely fertile medium for gainful chaos. The Web grew as it did not by careful forethought, but because people put it to uses for which it was never intended. However 2002 may proceed, find chances to apply your skills creating something--a design, an interface, an application, a purpose--that no one has anticipated. Your spark of imagination just might once again set the Web on fire." - Paul Anderson, technical editor at CNET Builder.com

I believe we can do it, each individual in his/her own small way and the collective effort pushing us all as a group into new heights.

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