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This chemical controls access to the mind's windowNo there is nothing wrong with my mind. Nothing wrong at all. Mind, mind. What mind? I am not thinking.

Unfortunately, our dear friend Descartes got it all wrong. Too bad that the so-called modern civilization has been mislead for so many centuries. Sure I realize that his intentions were good, no disagreeing with that. But one still cannot stop wondering what misfortunes history could have avoided. How much more advanced we would have been if this shackle had been let loose long ago. Of course, spiritualism in its purest form, even religions of various sorts did not help out matters either.

So what is the answer then, you may be asking? Don't know. Don't know even we even should know. No. The legacy of the mind/body duality.

The Pineal Gland? Now really. Hard to imagine that one could even consider this as remotely feasible. What is this so-called Pineal Gland anyway?

The third eye. The bridge between reality and spirituality. That mirror in the brain through which the pinpoint of light called our soul resides. Chemicals in the brain. Chemicals allowing and/or disallowing access to the mind's window.

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Sounds to me as if you've been listening to the 'Reductionists' when you say Descartes got it all wrong. No! the Universe is NOT a logical place after all - because one of it's inherent features is 'Uncertainty,' proved to exist by Werner Heisenberg with his "Uncertainty Principle" in the 1920's during the initial investigations into the properties of Quantum Mechanics. So you can't use reductionism to analyse something that is fundamentally uncertain.

The point I am driving at is that under the 'Copenhagen' interpretation of what is called the "measurement problem," it is the observation that creates the reality, which actually makes Mind the creator. Since an observation can only be made by a conscious being (which, in so doing, creates the sense of consciousness, awareness or "am-ness"), then the statement: "I think (observe) therefore I am" is vindicated and proves to have been a remarkably accurate statement centuries ahead of it's time.

Well, I should not have said that he got it "all" wrong, but I was just exaggerating in order to get my point across. What I meant was that the surgical-like division between rational and emotional is not such a clean cut after all. The "I think, therefore I am" part is still pretty valid. Even what appears the most logical decision is done through an underlying emotional part of the human mind and brain together.

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