Falling in love with css

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I have fallen head-over-heels in love and my head is still spinning.

After more than three weeks of working hard in the evenings and sweating away into the wee hours of the morning, I did it. I have finally done it. My homepage has been completely converted into the purest form possible, thanks to the latest technology of CSS. That stands for Cascading Style Sheets, in case you were wondering. All of those awkward tables I had hacked into the pages to take care of the placement of margins, headers, pictures etc. have been replaced by div-tags and other layering techniques.

What a job, but it looks pretty good. At least now when I have to change something in the presentation like colors, borders, spacing or whatever I can do that easily and swiftly.

Check it out yourself here.

No I am not trying to brag. So you think I am some kind of computer nerd, do you? Well, then I have the following to say: you are absolutely right! But now for yet another funny story which follows.

"The ironic part of this whole story is the following. I was actually all ready for the big CSS kick-off yesterday, but I blew it. And I blew it real bad. You see, I had two separate development directories on my PC. One consisted of the original pages, and the second directory consisted of the newer CSS-enabled pages that had taken me so long to update from the originals. So there I was ready to upload these to my domain server. I was really excited and could not wait. Trembling a little like a small boy drooling in front of the candy store."

"Stop, be careful, think and proceed with caution, extreme caution. How often in the past had I messed things up terribly in my haste and excitement. Okay, first we have to make a copy of what is on the server, just in case something goes wrong during the process of uploading. STEP 1. I copy all these remote files to my PC. No problem. Now I have to transport my newer files to the original directory. But first, let's make up a backup of the original files. Just in case, it never hurts to be doubly sure. STEP 2. Made a backup, fine. STEP 3. Now I copy the new-and-improved CSS-enabled pages to the original directory. Okay, next step. Be careful and think. Simple, just upload these newer files to the remote machine. I have made a backup of these, and a backup of a backup. Perfect. STEP 4. I then copy the newer files to the remote server. Chug-a-lug-a-lug, and after around five minutes it has completed without a single hitch. I cannot wait to look at it. So I hit the refresh button on my favorite browser and... and... and... Nothing happens. It looks exactly the same as it used to be, nothing has changed! How is that possible? Okay do NOT panic! #$@!!&%$#!!!"

Now, what had happened, you may ask? Something terrible, something terribly terrible. Awful. More terrible than terrible. The Mummy was nothing compared to the plague I had let loose on my environment. The pages I had so lovingly worked on had completely disappeared from the face of the Earth. I had lost a family, forty-seven lovely children."

Here is what had happened. Remember STEP 1? Well that is where I blew it all up. I had in my extreme and exaggerated caution carefully and unknowingly copied the original remote files OVER the newer files, thus completely and unforgivingly deleted them from the face of the Earth. Pretty stupid, huh?

I had broken all of the furniture, stamped up and down on the floor, pounded my fist against the wall until it broke (the wall that is), cussed out the world around me, and then had a good sobbing fit for an hour. I had hung up the rope nicely from the light fixture and was ready to place my head through the noose when a spark caught me somewhere inside of my head. Yes? Yes. YES! Y-E-S ! YESSSSSSSSSSS!

Saved by the spark, again. I remembered having read somewhere in the user's guide of Homesite (my HTML-editor) that it automatically kept copies of the edited files somewhere. Yes, I am one of those fools who always reads the documentation to figure things out first before trying and getting lost like most other people do. This time it came to my rescue. I checked the directory called AutoBackup and yes, there they all were! And in perfect shape. I could not believe it. I was saved. Dear Lord forgive me for my sins.

When my wife walked inside the room, she asked me what that piece of rope was doing there dangling from the ceiling. Oh, just part of the game. An experiment in reality. A change of mind. She understood and left with a slightly confused and concerned expression on her face.

So that's another page in the long and interesting autobiography of yet another down-to-earth kind of guy looking for trouble AND always finding it. Life continues. Falling in love with CSS was almost not worth it.

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Ha ha, you crack me up! Your home pages look great!

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