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It's all in the mind.
You may have never realized this, but it is true. Ninety-nine percent of the world around you is created by the mind. Your mind. Just thought you might be interested to hear this. Some more ideas:
  • Sounds perceived are mostly made up of the many periods of silence inbetween the vibrations.
  • Movement is defined in relation to what is standing still.
  • Emotions are always triggered by thought patterns.
  • A beautiful piece of art for one person is an ugly splashing of paint blobs for the other.
  • Success cannot be measured by facts and events.
To make things even more confusing consider the fact that while the mind creates the world around it, the world is influenced by the act of creation and/or perceiving, and in the end, the mind is influenced by the world it perceives. This is the universe of entertwining circles of awareness.

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