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Okay, so what have I been doing lately that has been so important that I have ignored my poor blog? Poor, poor blog. No time to think and relax: busy, busy, busy. There is panic in the tent, meaning that I have spent most of my waking hours the last week finishing off an important piece of work. What, you may ask?

It is called an RFI which stands for Request For Information, and it is from a major telecom company in Europe. Better not mention any names in case I get in trouble. Anyway, it is a thick document with millions of questions. Well, maybe not millions, but at least a hundred and fifty. It had to be done in English, and some of the Dutch members of the team gnarled up there terminology enough that it did not look perfectly professional. Meaning that I was requested to do all the translating since English is my mother tongue. An easy excuse for the others to avoid work? Could be. Well it is now down and over with. I hope. So now it is time to get back to some serious blogging. Make up for lost time.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I got reviewed today on the weblog review. As proof for this amazing accomplishment, you can check it out yourself by clicking here. Or for those lazier folks out there who are not so much into the clicking mood, I have taken the liberty to copy it below:

"'Gibberations galore from a regular down-to-earth kind of guy who is constantly pursuing a balanced life in the best of all possible worlds...' That's what it says on the top banner of this weblog, and that's the most appropriate phrase that could be used to describe this weblog.

The layout is *very* easy to look at and to navigate. Right away, I noticed that each weblog entry is archived in not only a monthly history, but also by catagories. These catagories range anywhere from Science to Dreams to Life in Holland to the Meaning of Life.

My plan was to read a few of the entries from each catagory, but it's not that easy in Kiffin's Blog. Once you read the first one in any catagory, you want to read another, and another, and "just one more", until you're finished with that catagory.

The writing style at Kiffin's Blog is a very easy one to understand and read - it doesn't talk over your head, but yet poses questions from time to time that you find yourself thinking about even after you're finished reading.

I also took a look at the main homepage of the site, and it is very extensive! Each extension of Kiffin's Blog is just as complete and interesting as the weblog itself.

I liked this site. I liked it a lot. And if you're looking for a weblog that's not your everyday "I had fish sticks for dinner" weblog, this is a site I'd suggest you visit."

Thanks alot for the kind words Wendy.

1 Comment

See, I'm not the only one who thinks your site is great! :)

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